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Business Email Forwarding & Sending

Business Email Forwarding & Sending

One of the first things I had to learn to do as a web developer was to configure email forwarding and sending for myself and my clients. As business owners, we may want to be able to send an email from our personal accounts under our alias business email. We also may want our business emails to be forwarded to our personal email account. Below is the workflow process to achieve this:

Configure your Mail Client

Use your personal Mail Client (e.g. Mail on a Mac or Outlook on a PC) to send email under your alias business email address to clients. When completed, you will be able to select your business email address from the dropdown list in the “From” field of a new email:

  1. Create an email on SiteGround or your web hosting service
    • C-panel > Email > Accounts
    • Generate Password and save that
  2. Forward business email account to personal email account
    • C-panel > Forwarders
    • Fill in new business email account and personal email address to be forwarded
    • Select CREATE button
  3. Configure personal email account to be able to send emails from it under business alias
    • If no personal Mail Client go to “Configure your Gmail Account Online”
    • C-panel > Accounts
    • Main page > bottom > Manage Email Accounts > Actions
    • Click on three vertical dots
    • Select Mail Configuration
    • Select Autoconfigure (if not selected)
    • Mail Client dialog box > your email service for Mac or Windows, Microsoft
    • Select CREATE button
    • Select SAVE in the dialog box that pops up
    • In the Profiles dialog box that pops up, select Continue button
    • Follow any other directions
  4. Test if it worked
    • Open email
    • Create a new email to send
    • From drop-down menu > select your business email address
    • To: choose your personal email address or someone’s email who can receive your email and confirm it
    • Type “Test” in the subject line and “This is a test.” in the body of the email.
    • Send the email.
    • Was the email received from the business email address?

Configure your Gmail account Online

If you don’t have a mail client on your computer (e.g. Mail on a Mac or Outlook on a PC), you can use your online Gmail account to send an email under your alias business email address to clients. To configure this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Gmail or email online.
  2. Go to Settings (gear icon) > Accounts and Import on the top ribbon > Send Mail as: (body of the page) > Click “Add another email address” (in blue).
  3. A yellow dialog box pops up. Your name automatically propagates. For email address, type in your business email address (yourname@mysite.com). Select the “Next Step.”
  4. In the SMTP Server box, enter your URL: (mysite.com).
  5. Username, enter your business email address (yourname@mysite.com).
  6. Password, enter your generated email password from SiteGround.
  7. Port: 465
  8. Radio button: Secured connection using TLS or SSL (recommended)
  9. Select “Add Account” button.
  10. To validate this action, Gmail will send you an email at the business email you just added.
  11. Go to your email on SiteGround and click on the three vertical dots next to your email account (bottom of the page).
  12. Select Webmail. Your email account will open in a new window. There should be an email from Gmail with the link to verify. Click on it and that will validate.
  13. Send an email from Gmail, choosing your business email address from the dropdown list in “From”, to your personal email address to check if it works, or send it to someone you know who will reply, to check if you receive it via your business account.

Note: It took 12-24 hours after doing these steps for the confirmation email to be sent and received and for this to work. So expect to wait that long.