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What I Want to be When I Grow Up

Posted by Gretchen on February 14, 2020
Web Development

I’m pretty sure I’m already grown up. That said, I’m always learning and growing. What I hope to become in the next five years is an expert web designer/developer.

This is how I plan on obtaining that goal:

  • Learn WordPress
  • Create my Website in WordPress
  • Create CAPE Website in WordPress
  • Create Savage Automation Website in WordPress
  • Get an entry-level job or internship as a web designer/developer
  • Do websites and other designs for small businesses on the side
  • Learn Adobe Premiere, InDesign, XD, and AfterEffects
  • Learn JavaScript

Where am I at now?

I am presently on my first Module in WordPress DMDC 2820. After this class, I will begin JavaScript. I could create websites for CAPE and Savage Automation now, but I’d like to wait until I know WordPress. I have recently submitted five applications for job postings on UpWork and Indeed. I plan on submitting one or two a week until I am hired. I have started a business called Zade Balance. The website is online. As soon as I have time and feel confident enough to start, I will begin social media advertisements. I hope to learn the other Adobe apps and Javascript simultaneous to my first job.

I will update this post as I make further progress.